Chewits Carnival

Star in your very own animated adventure with Chewie the Chewitsaurus.


We were approched by Edinburgh based agency, Tayburn to animate and develop a new and innovative way to engage with Chewits’ ever-growing online audience.

What we did

We made a two and half minute animation and connected it with Facebook to create a unique experience for each and every visitor! With thousands of different users, across multiple different browsers and hardware this was a huge challenge we just couldn’t resist!

To achieve the best results on this and any other project is to test, test and test again. And with Facebook or any social platform its even more important as you’ll find no one user is the same. Do they have images? Do they allow sharing? Do they want to share? Are they on mobile? As we developed the project with Tayburn we realised quickly the multitude of possible routes and therefore problems that could arise.

To avoid these problems we develop 80% of any project up front whether its storyboard, hierarchy, flow charts or prototype we don’t start any design, animation or coding until we know it will work, entertain and engage an audience.



Media & Technology:

Flash, Facebook App, OpenGraph API