James Hutton Institute

We were approached by the James Hutton Institute to create a series of posters for schools, in celebration of ‘The year of Water’. The posters were available as downloads and for print and were rolled out across schools nationally.

We worked with the JHI team to edit the content down to a poster-appropriate amount and then approached the designs with bold colours and iconography. We had to create the right look to appeal to the demographic – ranging from primary right through to school leavers.

We also created an infographic about the institute’s recent study on Agroecology in Scotland. Working with the JHI team, we consolidated the content right down so that it would work in a poster format. We used eye-catching colours and simple graphics to grab attention.

The design was then translated into an interactive webpage with dynamic text, graphics and animation. The information unfolds as the user scrolls, presenting the user with the key findings of the study in an exciting and enjoyable way.