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We partnered with Speakeasy events to produce a series of games for Food Standards Scotland (FSS) to use at the Royal Highland Show (RHS) in 2016. The brief was to increase awareness of FSS to visitors of RHS, alongside the farming and food industries in attendance. This was ultimately to improve consumer and stakeholder engagement across social media channels, further aiding the launch of the new FSS strategic and corporate plan with their outdoor eating campaign.


We created a series of four engaging games for FSS to take to RHS 2016. The first was ‘Balance Your Basket’ a game that used a tablet and QR codes that educated users on what foods to eat to maintain a balanced diet.

‘Snack Attack’

In the action game, ‘Snack Attack’, players had to match the same high fat/sugar/salt foods and by removing them to score points and losing points for removing healthy foods.

‘Food Chain’

‘Food Chain’ is a multiple-choice game created to highlight FSS’ role in the supply chain, where players had to move across the board-left to right- by answering questions correctly.

‘Chicken Checker’

The final game was the most popular: ‘Chicken Checker’ was a dual screen game built into a barbecue to raise awareness of the risks of undercooking chicken. Users had to cook various pieces of chicken including breasts, drumsticks and wings all with different cooking times. Further gameplay elements included a thermometer, tongs to turn the chicken, interactive work surfaces with cooking information and a bespoke user interface. We created a realistic BBQ experience working alongside the FSS scientists to educate users on the dangers of campylobacter.


Each game tackled a different issue that FSS wanted to deal with and raised awareness of their brand, while also educating the public about healthy eating and food preparation. This project was a great success for all stakeholders as it won the 2016 Eventit Digital Games Award.


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