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Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland


Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) requested an engaging interactive game to educate the public on recycling, using the coloured bins and boxes from Edinburgh Council. This was to be based online through the ZWS website and part of a touring exhibition.


We created a series of games based on the classic tv gameshow, “The Generation Game”. With a range of different household and garden waste items which moved across the screen, the user had to determine which recyclable box or bin they would use. The game was simple, using a drag and drop system, simulating the user’s actions in real life. By applying straightforward controls, fun gameplay, bright visuals, hilarious music and a cuddly toy, it allowed any age group to enjoy the game.


The Recycling Challenge game was initially only for Fife council and due to its success, another version was created for Edinburgh council. The game was an instant success with unique views of the ZWS website up by 270% in the first week. The retention statistics were impressive: 93% of visitors played 1 game, 77% played 2 games and 63% of visitors played all 3 games.

Zero Waste Scotland HTML5 game design and development by Ping Creates 960x960
Zero Waste Scotland HTML5 recycling game shown on iPad by Ping Creates 480x480
Zero Waste Scotland HTML5 game design and development for tablet mobile and desktop by Ping Creates 960x480

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