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Hunt the Haggis – Event Scotland


Visit Scotland, in conjunction with Event Scotland, wanted a game in time for Burns Night to engage local residents and tourists. The outline was very straightforward – build a game online which was accessible to all online users and ensure that it could be played on multiple devices to boost engagement.

‘Our friends at VisitScotland and EventScotland love it!’


In partnership with Tayburn, we created “Hunt the Haggis” which evolved from a classic whack-a-mole arcade game with a Scottish twist complete with custom made artwork, music and sound effects. Each whack-a-haggis represented a famous Scottish character. Players would score points for every haggis they hit and lose points for each one they missed. Social media played a key role in promoting the game, by allowing players to share their scores in-game to their own personal accounts.


We created a very addictive game, with a Scottish twist that encouraged friendly competition. Given the short deadline of 10 days to complete the entire project the game went down extremely well with the clients.

‘Thanks so much to everyone for making this short project so much fun – a great result in 2 weeks. They are sharing with the Scottish Government and many other partners to seed out, so I’m sure it will be seen widely. It is the year of the haggis after all.’

‘The game is very addictive, I’m developing muscles in my index finger’- Twitter follower


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