The Moredun Institute – War of the Worms

Animation, Design

The Moredun Institute – War of the Worms


Selina was approached by the Moredun Institute to create a collection of short and engaging animated films, each focusing on an important livestock health topic. The key challenge was bringing these essential livestock health messages to life in an informative and educational video.


Initially, Selina worked closely with the team of scientists at the institute to develop an understanding of the script in order to effectively animate a series that would communicate the information appropriately.

This animation explains the life cycle of parasitic worms in livestock. It highlights the important elements involved in the development and spread of anthelmintic resistance as well as the crucial messages on sustainable methods of worm control. Check out the other videos of the series on our portfolio!

Ping Creates Animation for your charities Moredun Institute War of Worms short film 960x960
Ping Creates Animation for your customers Moredun Institute War of Worms short film Directed by Selina Wagner 960x960


All of the animations have been published on the Moredun Institute website and multiple films within the series have premiered at the Royal Highland Show (2016/17). This collection of animations highlights our ability to develop long lasting relationships with clients whilst delivering a top-quality service.


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