The Socrates Project

An interntational collaboration to create a promotional website for a new novel


The Socrates Project, a novel by Daron Sheehan, tells the story of a secret attempt by the United Nations to avert the predicted collapse of our civilisations. Simon Oceandis heads up the sicads, who must blend modern science and ancient wisdom to find the solutions before time runs out.

What we did

The entire project was an international collaboration so a multi-language site was an essential element. Also Daron, working with his creative team made a promotional video for the novel that takes center stage.

With a full campaign launch on social channels we built a site that was easy to update and share content in a single click. We achieved this by adding an optional ‘post to Facebook’ section and feeding all content from each social channel to the site such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.


The Socrates Project received international recognition on its debut with glowing reviews from, amongst others, novelist Ross Leckie:

A rattling good yarn, full of thrills and spills as the story circumnavigates the globe… The Socrates Project is both entertaining and challenging – and that is a rare doublet indeed.

The site has been an fundamental part of this success providing the initial hook, an opportunity to buy and then continue the conversation on social channels. With an ever growing fan base The Socrates Project is an inspirational read and one we’re proud to have been involved in.

The Socrates Project – Reviews from Amazon

I felt The Socrates Project was written more like a film scrip than a traditional novel – it jumps quite a bit to start with but is also easy to visualise – once I got used to that style I was swept along in an amazing adventure that gives lots of reason to pause and think about events and news in the real world. A very different book than I would normally read, as it bordered on sci-fi in parts, but there was so much that is based on the real world and in real events that I found it fascinating. Certainly very well written for a first time author. Would well recommend.Mark

I was busy sometimes while reading this book and so had to put it down for a few days. Each time I couldn’t wait to get back to it, and like a good friend we picked up easily where we left off. It held me engrossed right up to the very last page! However, don’t bother reading the prologue; I found it confusing and unnecessary. I only mention this so that it does not put you off what is an excellent book.SkyDave


Nautilus Media publisher of The Socrates Project by Daron Sheehan


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