Subway – online campaign

Ping won the opportunity to create a wonderfully exciting digital campaign for the Subway franchise. Our idea involved bouncing onions and falling television sets and became one of the most successful digital campaigns to date.


The campaign demographic of 18 to 34 years olds were separated into three core target audiences, the “cheap ‘n’ cheerfuls”, the “wanna be goods” and the “all about me’s”. With such a broad demographic we could really push boundaries pitching rich media banners with video, animation and full-page takeovers.

‘Expose the Onions’

Taking the ‘Expose the Onions’ creative, we made leaderboards, an MPU, an MSN expandable and a full-page takeover. Using streaming video, we took the television advert online and supported it with eye-catching visuals and entertaining animation.

Digital Activity

The digital activity started off with an MSN Hotmail takeover during the last week of January to coincide with the heavyweight TV campaign and street promotions, resulting in Subway owning all ad placements targeted to 18-34 year olds, over a 24 hour period.


The Click Through Ratio (CTR) was an impressive 0.39% delivering just under 35,000 clicks through to Even more impressive was the full-page takeover, which resulted in an incredible 28% of impressions and interaction with the video while a CTR of 1.19% was achieved delivering over 116,296 clicks!

The Subway campaign is proof that Ping’s connected creativity approach is at the heart of its ability to deliver a campaign that is all about engagement and interactivity.




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