Mark Beaumont

What are the key website ingredients for a broadcaster & adventurer always on the move? Find out what we created for Mark Beaumont.


In early 2012 a chance (tweet) encounter introduced Ping founder Jason Wagner to Mark Beaumont, famous for his record breaking world cycle and adventurous spirit. Within a few meetings it was obvious Ping could help Mark by updating and re-designing his website and also help develop the brand, or more accurately Mark’s new focus on broadcasting.

What we did

The first aim was to re-design Mark’s website so that it was easy to update on the move, compatible with desktop and mobile browsers and showcase the many facets of his career. With a catalogue of wonderul images from around the world, the design process was a joy to work on. From the high peaks of South America to the high seas of the Atlantic, it’s not often you get such rich and inspirational content to work with!

The resulting site takes full advantage of these dramatic vistas with a wide header image that is as at home on a 27″ monitor as it is on a mobile phone. We achieved this with a fluid site design that uses the latest web technology (HTML5 and CSS3) and created a site that enables everyone to access it in one touch.

Mark the brand

In any site development it’s best to work as closely with the client as possible and Mark was very keen to be involved and brainstorm ideas right from the word go. Although the intention was to look at the logo later we found out early on that Mark’s working life revolves around four key areas – broadcaster, adventurer, author and speaker.

Once we had identified these key areas the site stucture fell into place and we could begin to build each page. The biggest challenge is the diveristy of Mark’s career and making this easily accessible to everyone that visits the site. We achieved this by dynamically feeding all the content onto the home page, much like the front page of a magazine.

Keeping up with what Mark is doing is now even easier with social media. We have major channels plugged into the site from Twitter to Instagram helping drive traffic to the site. Furthermore, Mark is able to login to the site and update his journal day or night, keeping everyone updated about his latest news.


With the site design and structure in place the next area to look at was a simple way for Mark to sell his books and merchandise. With a select catalogue of products, the most cost effective solution was to plug into the PayPal system which works seamlessely with the site. Visitors can even request a signed dedication with a few clicks!

Giving back to the community

Mark really wanted his new site to work harder at giving back to the wider community. So in partnership with his sponsor, Kukri, we developed the Your Adventure page.

Getting started can be the toughest part of any adventure so lets help each other by sharing information and showing support.Mark Beaumont

With a unique #youradventure hash tag on Twitter we’re able to support people from around the world and build a community spirit, help spread the word and gather support i.e. more donations.

To date, it’s become one of the most popular parts of the site and we will continue to help Mark develop the idea further, using the latest tools to make it even easier to help and support adventurers all around the world.


With over 15,000 Twitter followers we were holding our breath when Mark tweeted about the new site launch. Thankfully the feedback couldn’t have been better.

Your new website looks spectacular. Massive improvement on how it was designed before!Johnny Thow – Twitter follower

Although the most important feedback we received by far was from Mark’s mum:

The website is looking great!Una Beaumont

Looks great!Isabelle J Boulet – Facebook fan

I think we’d call that a success! For a quick chat on how we can help you please get in touch.


Mark Beaumont


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