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Historic Scotland App


Historic Scotland wanted a mobile application which could aid customers in locating, planning and exploring their historic sites. The purpose? To replace printed guides and offer additional information and the services at each location.


We created a simple and elegant design which allowed users to view key attraction details and implemented searchable categories that provided results based on location, type of attraction and the price. 

The ‘Near Me’ tool identifies all Historic Scotland attractions close to the user through their location settings – a growing trend in app development. The ‘Inspire Me’ screen includes featured content, seasonal events and pre-planned itineraries to boost footfall.


The Historic Scotland app provides a smooth informative environment for the user. The app has received 5-star ratings and excellent reviews  since launch and a Marketing Star nomination in 2015.

Downloads of the Historic Scotland app have surpassed 120,000 which was last recorded in June 2018. With the recent visual update and new itinerary builder, visitor return rates continue to surpass market trends with 73% of users returning to the app.

“Hooray! The updated version is just what I hoped it would be the first time – Google maps directions to all the standing stones or bumps in fields that are so hard to find. Major improvement.”

“Love Historic Scotland never fails to bring quality.”


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