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Dobbies Plantasia

Dobbies Plantasia


Dobbies Garden World required a series of interactive games for their Plantasia and Mazeworld attraction. The target market for these games were children aged between 3-10 and their families, with the aim of educating them about nature, the environment and how to protect it.

Game design and development for Dobbies Garden center Plantasia shown on iPads 480x960
Ping Creates Touch screen game development in HTML5 for Dobbies Plantasia young boy playing Dr Destruction 960x960


We created a series of games each with a different message: the first was ‘Dr Destruction’ which taught users how to save energy in their household; ‘Plant Identifier’ which encouraged users to collect plants and match them; ‘Recipe for Life’ which demonstrated the process of photosynthesis in an interactive animation and ‘Pollination Partners’ which educated visitors on how each insect pollinates a different flower.

Each game made learning fun with the use of elegant graphics and characters allowing us to create a more immersive experience for visitors.


These games were integrated into various locations within Plantasia and Mazeworld, which helped heighten the experience of visitors.

Game design and development of Dr Desturction for Dobbies Garden center Plantasia Event 480x480

“A good day out for the kids”

“Great family day out”


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