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The Truth Charity, based in the U.S, came up with a game idea to raise awareness on the targeting of candy flavoured tobacco products at children. The only problem? The idea was on paper. That’s when they approached us. They had precise instructions on the game concept and they wanted us to design and develop it with them.

The Truth Charity game design and development by Ping Creates 960x480


And that’s exactly what we did! The design for Candyland adopted an action arcade style, where gumdrops fell from the sky and the user had 90 seconds to collect as many as possible in their basket. A points system was used, where the highest score won, based on the number of gumdrops the player collected.

The message behind the game was communicated once completed with a question – ‘Why would they make tobacco sweet? What do you think?’. Candyland was available across all platforms from mobile to desktop computers, ensuring overall accessibility.


Although the game didn’t explicitly link with the tobacco industry, the message behind the game was clear.

In the same way that tobacco companies illegally target children by reproducing candy flavours within their products, we created a game that would appeal to children with bright colours and quirky music. Ultimately, the game was a facade to illustrate the depths tobacco companies will go to.

The Truth Charity game design and development by Ping Creates 960x960

“The games playing really well and looks great, thank you”


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