Burn Stewart Distillers – Scotch Whisky Sales App

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Burn Stewart Distillers – Scotch Whisky Sales App


Burn Stewart Whisky Distillers needed an app which could be used by their sales staff when meeting customers remotely. They wanted to reduce their use of paper marketing, while also creating a user friendly and engaging experience, which inspired customers to buy. They also wanted the app to simplify the contact process, whilst also being secure for staff to login and use.


Based on the brief, we were able to create a sophisticated app which enabled intuitive user interaction. We integrated in-app tools including a margin calculator which showed the clear cost of Burns Stewart in comparison with competitors, emphasising the potential value to customers. We developed a system which allowed sales staff to create a tailored document for each individual customer sent as a final PDF via email. We then distributed the app through Apple’s Business to Business app store, allowing it to be accessible to all sales staff.


As a result, we were able to make the sales staff’s role easier as the app meant all the resources they needed were located in one place, while also improving the customer experience making it more enjoyable and engaging. Additionally, allowing the sales team to have the most up to date customer data, which contributed to a 32% increase in sales and a further 72% increase in follow up enquires and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Burns Stewart app.


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