Abertay University app

The Abertay Uni app asks a simple question, "What excites you most?" and then takes you on a journey of discovery.

What excites you most?Which course is right for you?Course results are clean and clear.Quick links to the website, call or email.Favourites as many courses as you like with one touch.


The target demographic of 17 – 25 years is always a challenge as there is a huge difference in life style so the ability to engage quickly and easily was essential. The perfect platform and first choice for this demographic was mobile, so we set about creating a unique app experience for the iPhone.

The app doesn’t base course recommendations on grades but instead asks “What excites you most?” and the results are exciting and sometimes surprising! With quicklinks to call, email and a link to the Abertay website the app informs, engages and directs potential applicants direct to Abertay in one touch.


Abertay Univeristy

Media & Technology:

Animation, Mobile, Branding, Web