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Find out why our banners for Abertay University continue to engage year on year - it's not always about technology.


For the last three years Ping and its sister agency The Bridge have worked closely with Abertay University to bring rich, highly creative and engaging content for mobile and online. With students across the UK receiving their exam results last week we were working hard to create another crop of banners in time for the September clearing campaign.

What we did

The strapline “Breaking Barriers” is core to all creative ideas for Abertay University and provides the basis for the TV commericals, mobile and online banners showcasing the diversity of courses available at Abertay University.

From the cold biscuit murder of a gingerbread man to the underwater world of civil engineering, the creative ideas have entertained and engaged prospective students every year with great results!

Abertay University - Food Science

Abertay University - Processorpede

Abertay University - Games Tech

Abertay University - Ethical Hacking

Abertay University - New Atlantis

Gordons Alive

You can click the images on this page to see the banners in action. All online banner specifications still request Adobe Flash so iOS users why not download our Abertay University app instead or find a computer, remember those!?!


With our skills in good old fashioned drawing we steer clear of the usual ‘tweened’ animation and instead have developed a unique way to create online banners. Our method means we can create standard banners, just like these, which are less than 30KB and comply to all current specifications.

The combination of traditional animation and neat coding means we can create engaging banners that continually receive admiration from media agents, ad servers and clients, from Specfic Media to MSN.

Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Abertay University - Biomedical Science

Abertay University - Marketing