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Oct 28 2014

Mark Beaumont – 68 nations later

After his epic journey visiting 68 nations and territories for the BBC Commonwealth Games build up, Mark Beaumont is back and focused on his next adventure. That means full steam ahead on site updates and across all his social channels. It’s been a busy week!

As you’ll see on Mark’s website the home page has had a full revamp with a clear focus on social integration and simplifying the user experience. The main reason for this is the continual rise in fan engagement on Mark’s Facebook page – something that was languishing when I first met him two years ago.

With over 10,000 interactions per post the home page focus shifted to his social channels and with that in mind we added a new Facebook feed that can show and allow interactions with comments, likes, photos, video and more. This new feed not only makes it easier for Mark’s many fans to keep up with his adventures it also makes it far easier for Mark to type and post across all channels while on the move.

A new simplified contact form and his latest expeditions have all been added to make everything available within a click. To simplify the home page more we’ve created a Twitter widget to streamline the mobile experience for everyone visiting the site.

With updates across all pages and some exciting plans ahead it’s great to have Mark back… at least for a little while.